The Alexandrite Group | Working with a Money Coach Will:

Working with a Money Coach Will:

  1. Improve your financial situation.
  2. Help you attain freedom from financial worry.
  3. Provide a practical approach allowing you to achieve wealth and happiness.
  4. Increase your self-awareness so that you will work smarter and not harder.
  5. Work with you to set realistic financial goals.
  6. Teach you how to make sound monetary decisions that are consistent with the life you want to lead.
The Alexandrite Group | Investment in Yourself and Your Future:

Investment in Yourself and Your Future:

  • Working with a money coach is an investment in your education and life skills.
  • It will provide you with principle-based strategies that work for a lifetime, giving you enduring value.
  • If you are an average household, you are carrying an outstanding credit card debt of $8,000 at 16% interest. That means you are paying $1,280/year in interest to your credit card provider. Too much money for not learning any new skills. You are worth it and your future self will be grateful.

You can schedule regular sessions or periodic check-ins depending upon your needs. You will have plenty of opportunities to get your personal finance questions answered. Leading you to discover new ways of thinking about your money and your life.

The Alexandrite Group | Not Convinced You Need a Money Coach?

Not Convinced You Need a Money Coach?

Money coaches, unlike financial planners or advisors, help clients make better choices about how they use their money, which can mean a more prosperous financial future.  Money coaches specialize in solving client money-related challenges. For example, if a client keeps getting into debt, the money coach will identify ways in which the client can change their spending behavior.

While many financial planners advise clients on specific financial decisions, money coaches attempt to change their clients’ behavior toward money. This includes including their thinking about how they spend and save money.

This article and this article will illustrate some of the types of issues we help our clients with.