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The Alexandrite Group | One-to-One Money Coaching Sessions

One-to-One Money Coaching Sessions

Having one-to-one money coaching sessions offers a personalized solution to your financial struggles. We work with individuals and couples to help you unravel any challenges you may have in running an orderly, stress-free financial household.

We have worked with clients that have tried budgeting, and failed, sometimes several times. In addition, clients have grappled with federal and state tax issues, gambling problems, shopping addiction, and recovering from addiction.

You are encouraged to reveal your saving and spending patterns – we are completely non-judgmental. Your past behaviors do not mean you cannot change. Make the decision today to change your habits. Decide to make the journey with a professional money coach as your personal guide.

The Alexandrite Group | Our commitment to All Clients:

Our commitment to All Clients:

  • Share our proven methods to reduce financial worry and stress in your household.
  • Identify “leaks” in your spending and teach you how to plug them.
  • Offer personalized approaches to keeping track of your income and spending using various methods, i.e. paper, online and offline software programs, spreadsheets, apps.
  • Teach you how to approach money and its use in a healthy, productive manner.
  • Simplify your financial life, wherever possible.
  • Educate you on how to keep your bills current when you have a fluctuating income.
  • Show you how to prepare and maintain a spending plan that works for you.
The Alexandrite Group | We Ask Our Clients:

We Ask Our Clients:

  • Be on-time for all appointments.
  • Take the commitment seriously and be fully engaged in the process.
  • Provide all information, when requested and agreed upon.
  • Be honest, truthful, and forthright about your financial situation.
  • Be open and flexible to suggestions.
  • Have an eagerness to try new ideas.
  • Be willing to change your behavior and habits in order to achieve your goals.
The Alexandrite Group | Invest in Yourself Today and for Your Future Self

Invest in Yourself Today and for Your Future Self

There are three different levels of money coaching services plus ongoing monthly check-ins:

  • One session works for those who have a few challenges or want to know if they are headed on the right track.
  • Our Three-month plan is our most popular and can address a few challenges.
  • Our Six-month plan is for those with complex challenges that require more time to unravel.
  • We offer Ongoing monthly check-ins for those who have worked with us before or those who might need a little monthly encouragement to stay on top of their saving and spending.
  • Your investment starts at $375 for one private session and we offer several money coaching plans to address your needs.
  • Schedule your free 20-minute confidential consultation. It will offer you an opportunity to discover what money coaching plan works best for you.

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