Speaking Engagements

Seminars to Get Your Financial Life on Track​

Managing finances is not a skill you’re born with – it is something that you have to learn. Once you understand money, your financial decisions get easier and your money begins to work for you. The important thing is start learning as much as you can. That is where we can help. Many adults find themselves in financial trouble, i.e. credit card debt, college loans, lack of an emergency fund because they do not have the skills needed to make ‘conscious money choices’.

The Alexandrite Group LLC offers a number of seminars for those with financial challenges and concerns. Our seminars are engaging and interactive, meaning we do not just talk to you, we ask attendees to participate. We bring professional expertise of teaching good money management and participants leave with actionable money management tips and suggestions. We enjoy answering questions and hearing about life experiences from participants who bring their own perspectives.

The Alexandrite Group | Speaking Engagements

Speaking Engagements

Are you looking for a speaker at your next function? Contact Diane Nissen to inquire about her speaking experience and availability for speaking engagements. Places where Diane speaks include non-profit organizations, college students at all levels, alumni associations, technical secondary schools, medical practices, large and small businesses.

The Alexandrite Group | Workplace Seminars

Workplace Seminars

The Alexandrite Group LLC offers workplace financial education for employees of for-profit and not-for-profit businesses.

If your employees are worried about money, then they are not working at their optimal productivity.  Offering financial wellness programs increases employee retention, morale, productivity, and profits, while reducing employee absenteeism and health care costs.

Why Enlist Us

We are not affiliated with any outside investment firms or insurance companies.  We are completely independent and our focus is purely on financial education.  That means we are not selling any products, services, or receiving any commissions.  Your employees will feel confident and competent to fully understand their personal finance situation.  Your employees will be able to make educated financial decisions.

Client Testimonials

We have been in a networking group with Diane for over a year. Each week we give a 60 second elevator pitch for our companies. With her excellent speaking skills, Diane always manages to explain her business perfectly and offer valuable information - all in 60 seconds! She always leaves us wanting to hear more.

- Ginny and Bev

It was a lot of fun listening to you speak at the meeting. I think your skills are so valuable...I will keep you in mind for any referrals, I hope to get you one soon.

- Hillary

Hi Diane, It was a lot of fun listening to you speak at the JBN meeting. I think your skills are so valuable…I will keep you in mind for any referrals.

- Robin

I liked the presentation yesterday, I took it home and tested my kids. :)

- Yael